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WEBINAR: Are You Ready to be a Change Agent and Thought Leader?

January 30, 2014
12:00 pm
- 6:00 pm

Do you want to be a change agent – someone who can move and inspire others with innovative ideas and scale those ideas into sustainable change? Do you want to be a thought leader – the well-respected go-to person in your industry or your niche? Achieving the designation “change agent” or “thought leader” is not only the best career insurance around, it also unlocks a new level of career and personal satisfaction.

Author and serial entrepreneur Denise Brosseau shares her journey from Fortune 500 executive to co-founder of Springboard, the women’s start-up launch pad that has led to over $6 billion in funding for women entrepreneurs. She will also lead an interactive session to show you how you can increase your influence, expand your impact and become a trusted change agent and thought leader in your niche. You will walk away:

    • Knowing what it takes to implement change…that sticks!
    • Understanding how (and why!) to use thought leadership to gain visibility for you, your team and your ideas across your company and your industry.
    • Inspired by the stories of others who advanced their careers by becoming change agents and thought leaders.
    • Ready to create a plan to become more ‘discoverable’ this year.

For more information:

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January 30, 2014
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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