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President’s Message | October 2023

I've just returned from the NAWBO Women in Business Conference, and I'm thrilled to announce that NAWBO Silicon Valley has been honored with a special recognition for our outstanding membership retention efforts.We hosted a delegation from our sister organization, AMEXME, which encompasses a diverse range of businesses in technology, finance, construction, fuel & oil, interpreter service & audiovisual, medical tourism, and agriculture retail with a presence in both Mexico and [...]

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President’s Message | September 2023

As we step into National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded of the diverse and impactful legacies of Hispanic and Latino communities. Spanning from Mexico to Central and South America, Spain, and the Caribbean, these cultures have contributed rich traditions, groundbreaking innovations, and powerful narratives that have shaped our world. This month, let’s immerse ourselves in this vast heritage, celebrating the stories, achievements, and contributions that continue to inspire. It [...]

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President’s Message | August 2023

We hope this message finds you rejuvenated and ready to conquer new horizons after a well-deserved summer break. As the days begin to transition towards the crispness of fall, we're thrilled to welcome you all back to NAWBO Silicon Valley. The upcoming months promise exciting opportunities for growth, learning, and achievements. Let's harness the energy of summer's optimism and channel it into our business endeavors, turning challenges into stepping stones [...]

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President’s Message | June 2023

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends,Join us in celebrating our 35th anniversary milestone and the conclusion of our fiscal period spanning from 2022 to 2023 this month. It fills us with immense excitement to share the milestones and achievements we have attained.The NAWBO Silicon Valley Chapter, recognized as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, has ingeniously crafted enjoyable and engaging activities both in-person and virtually.The Education Group under NAWBO Silicon Valley, [...]

2023-06-23T15:36:46-07:00Jun 19, 2023|

President’s Message | May 2023

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends,There are different reasons why people join an organization. When NAWBO was founded, there were no other business groups open to women.It wasn’t until 1974 that The Equal Credit Opportunity Act allowed women to have credit cards in their name without a co-signer, and women were not allowed financing for their business unless there was a male co-signer.Thanks to NAWBO advocating for all women, [...]

2023-06-23T15:33:12-07:00May 24, 2023|

President’s Message | April 2023

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends, As entrepreneurs, our businesses are often our “babies”—we’ve launched them, poured all our passion and energy into them and watched them grow in all sorts of exciting ways. But just like children, the goal should always be to empower them to one day confidently take flight, freeing you up to step away, with little or no involvement, for a short vacation, to care [...]

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President’s Message | March 2023

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends, March is dedicated to you, the woman you are and to the men who stand by you. March is a month to celebrate the strength, resilience and courage of all women. March is a month to recognize the incredible accomplishments of women throughout history and to honor our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues. March is a month to empower and support each [...]

2023-05-22T17:34:16-07:00Mar 20, 2023|

President’s Message | February 2023

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends, This Black History Month, let us celebrate the incredible women business owners who have achieved success in their respective fields. As we honor the countless women of color who have been trailblazers in business, let us use their example to inspire us to strive for greatness. Let us strive to create a more equitable and diverse business world that embraces the unique perspectives, [...]

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President’s Message | January 2023

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends, As we start the new year, I would first like to recognize the Board of Directors who contributed to our success in 2022. Their leadership and commitment is immeasurable. Flor Harris, Chair, NAWBO Silicon Valley Education Group Maxine Goulding, Communications/Marketing Director Robin Fisher, Membership Director Lauren Mader, Programs Director Wendy Roberts, Treasurer Eleonora Tomasello, Corporate Partner Director Lorena Camargo, Secretary Marina Gatto and [...]

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President’s Message | October 2022

Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends, Fall is in the air, my most favorite season in the year. Thank you to our sponsors and all who attended our Crystal Chair Awards Gala. It was a special night with heartfelt recognitions. Congratulations to our awardees: Maxine Goulding, California Special Occasions – Lifetime Achievement Toni Julian, Soul Potential Institute – Businesswoman of Distinction Flor Harris, Benefits Simplified – Woman Business Advocate [...]

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