Board of Directors

Board of Directors Core Values

Six values drive the decisions of the NAWBO-Silicon Valley Board of Directors:

  1. Providing Service
    • Focus on the greater good of the whole
    • Responsiveness to our members and partners
    • Inclusiveness / Diversity
    • Responsiveness to changing needs
    • Render assistance through education and mentoring
  2. Encouraging Teamwork
    We encourage teamwork and collaboration to reach common goals and objectives while fostering an environment of individual commitment and personal accountability.
  3. Improving Quality
    We continually evaluate our processes and systems, adjusting when necessary, to help improve the quality of NAWBO-SV and the benefits we can provide to the members and partners.
  4. Honoring Integrity & Honesty
    We demonstrate integrity and honesty through the alignment of our intentions, words, and actions and acknowledge the trust placed in us by our members and partners.
  5. Supporting Excellence & Respect
    We support excellence by encouraging board members to “bring their best game” to meetings and holding others to that expectation. We expect board members to be respectful by always showing professionalism, honoring their commitments, listening to the members, displaying enthusiasm and effectively communicating.
  6. Diversity
    We value and seek a diverse and inclusive membership. NAWBO seeks full participation in the organization by all women business owners regardless of race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability. NAWBO’s goal is to fully represent the diverse make-up of the women business owner community through increased representation within ethnic and minority communities and to expand access to leadership opportunities.

Get Involved

We are always interested in having our members serve on our all-volunteer Board. All Board positions are voluntary positions and the commitment varies for each position.