Submitted by Wendy Roberts, CFO & CVO
NorthStar Strategic Partners, Inc.

Have you ever gone through the process of selling your own car? If you have, then you know you must get your ducks in a row before you sell. There are many questions you will consider before advertising the sale of the vehicle. For instance: Does it run properly? Is it the clean, well-oiled machine that you are ready to advertise to potential buyers? Will someone help me sell my car? How do I value it? Do I have all the proper documents to provide to the new owner? This list of questions can keep going, and though it might not take a person too long to answer these when selling a car, a great many of these questions need to be considered when you decide to sell your own business.

Like with selling a car, many costly mistakes can be made when deciding how you will go about selling your business. But here at NorthStar Strategic Partners, we have a great deal of experience assisting business owners in readying themselves and their businesses to sell. Because of this, we would like to offer a few helpful tips to our NorthStar family and friends.

1) Mistakenly believing your business will sell overnight. One key thing to remember…