Submitted by Cecilia McCloy, Integrated Science Solutions, Inc.

The Silicon Valley area is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the nation.  But can small business employers who don’t offer free lunch, concierge service, or allow pets to come to work compete with those that do?  You bet! Jerry McGuire aside, for most new graduates it isn’t all about the money. Millennials are looking for more.  Of course the base salary has to be reasonable, student loans need to be repaid, but small businesses can offer a litany of intangibles that bigger companies can’t. Millennials want to make an impact, want to learn and grow, want to take initiative, and work with interesting people.

Small businesses can easily afford opportunities in all these areas and more.  Working directly with a business owner lets recent graduates see all areas of a business.   Millennial hires will have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in a small business. You can’t be just a specialist hire in a small business, employees need to juggle multiple hats. Employees are often given responsibility for projects or products sooner than at a larger firm.  If you have a great idea the business owner wants to hear it! Anything that will move the business forward is worth listening too.  Business owners often contribute time, energy, and money to the local community non-profits.  Millennials want to make an impact in the world.  Business owners should think about competing and recruiting newly minted graduates.  New ideas, eagerness, and enthusiasm is well worth the price.