by Roberta Kiphuth, Detati Digital Marketing

Is newsletter marketing is worth the time and effort? Do people even read them anymore?

The answer is YES!…but…they need to provide value.An e-newsletter can be a great tool for building trust and expertise. But make them educational, funny, interesting, and not sales-y.

Build Your List

Ensure that you only send to contacts who have proactively requested (signed up for) the newsletter. Not only is this a best practice, but it is a legal requirement. All group emails sent need to provide an unsubscribe option.

Creating the Content

Good content requires planning. Consider your readers interests and how they access their email. Provide useful and engaging information they look forward to getting. Have at least one original piece of content. People subscribed to YOUR newsletter so make sure they have something to better understand and connect with your business. If you “curate” content, make sure you are giving proper credit. Most businesses are sending the same newsletter to everyone. Create or adapt your content to be more relevant for each segment you have.

It is helpful to plan ahead and create a content calendar. Outline the content or topic you want to showcase each month. Keep in mind that industry events, conference, and current news can all be options for content.

Design is important, but not as important as providing value and content that people want to read. Sometimes simpler is better than flashy.
Keep a Regular Rhythm
Keep a regular schedule. It important to keep your firm’s name on your clients’ minds and build your credibility by delivering what you promised.
Make It Easy to Share
Include social media links so your readers can share.
Many businesses fall into the hole of starting a newsletter and giving up after a few months because they don’t see results for the time spent. But be prepared to stick with it at least for a year, then review and decide.