Submitted by Mary Hiland, Ph.D., Hiland & Associates,

You are a leader. As a leader, you want to make a difference doing something meaningful to you. I’ll bet that’s why you built your business! In addition to being successful women business owners, many of us want to give back to our communities. One of the best ways to do that is to serve on a nonprofit board. Why is that?

Research tells us:

  • Nonprofit board directors significantly influence organizational performance.
  • Board service builds and strengthens leadership competencies.
  • Being on a nonprofit board expands your social capital.
  • Nonprofit board service is a spring board to a seat in the corporate board room (The Board Game),
  • And, perhaps most importantly, nonprofit board services gives you a chance to make a difference in your community!

My business provides consulting, mentoring, and training for nonprofit executive and board leaders. I am a trusted advisor and leadership and governance authority with 40 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. My research indicates that very few people serving on nonprofit boards are oriented to their governance responsibilities. NAWBO-CA has recognized this gap and done something about it!

I am honored to have partnered with NAWBO-CA and the NAWBO-CA Education Fund Boards to develop the recently-launched Board Governance Training program. This series of five online videos:

  • cultivates an understanding of the fundamentals of board service,
  • builds effective governance and leadership skills across NAWBO-CA chapters,
  • gives tools to NAWBO boards for building the board and effective board leaders and,
  • will propel and inspire NAWBO members across California to serve on NAWBO and other boards.

Whether you serve, or aspire to serve, on the board of your NAWBO chapter or another nonprofit board, you can benefit from this free resource.  Contact your Chapter President for more information!