Submitted by Lisa Bennett
In June, after 3 months of sheltering in place, I thought, “How can I help others?” — because that’s where I get the greatest satisfaction, and reaching out to give will help keep me alive (being an extrovert) and my social channels humming.
First, I asked a friend to help me build an aviary – I live on 10 acres in a forest, after all. There’s always room for an aviary! Within 3 days it was finished, and it has been the temporary home for 2 batches of baby birds from Native Animal Rescue.
In August I began creating dozens of short videos and posted them on LinkedIn detailing my process of escrow in my most recent real estate investment purchase.
This month, I hosted free workshops on “Tips for Online Presentations” for everyone in my business circle.
Next month I will hold free seminars on, “Cleaning up Your Credit,” and, “Where to Buy an Investment Home in the US.”
In January I’m holding an all-day Seminar called, “Rewrite Your Career,” for people who have been laid off or are afraid of upcoming layoffs; workers who are now afraid of speaking up.
Contact me at if you would like to attend any of these – all free.
We all have talents and ways we can help. Reach out and give to someone else – there is nothing quite like the feeling of giving from the heart, during this season or any other.