Jackie Wu is the dynamic Founder & President of Treasure Life’s Journey – she carries with her over 20 years of rich experience in Human Resources at Stanford University, complemented by her accomplishments as a Sales Enterprise Professional with various Fortune 500 companies. Leading an impactful global coaching organization, Jackie stands as a trail-blazing coach, mentor, and speaker, catalyzing unparalleled change. What sets her apart is a unique ability to empower individuals, dismantling self-limiting beliefs and fostering unwavering self-confidence. Her distinctive approach not only paves the way for a thriving business but also ensures a fulfilling life, liberated from the constraints of trial, error, disappointment, and suffering.

In her role as an accomplished professional, Jackie has mastered the art of transforming lives. As a dedicated advocate for personal and professional growth, she goes beyond paving the way for success; she crafts a personalized roadmap customized to unlock one’s true potential. If you’re in search of a transformative coach, mentor, or speaker, look no further than Jackie Wu! She invites you to embark on a transformative journey where challenges become triumphs and self-discovery leads to unparalleled success!!!

Professional Affiliations:
• National Speakers Association – NSA
• Virtual Speakers Association International – VSAI
• Stanford University – Positive Intelligence Program by Shirzad Chamine – a Stanford & Yale University lecturer/trainer & New York Times Bestselling Author
• McLean/Harvard Medical School – Institute of Coaching
• World Business & Executive Coach Summits
• Marshall Goldsmith’s Coaching Collection
• International Coaching Federation – ICF

Get ready to transform your business and life alongside Jackie Wu – the Architect of Extraordinary Possibilities! For comprehensive details and firsthand accounts, please visit https://www.TreasureLifesJourney.com/testimonials