Before investing on the latest on-demand training to comply with Gov. Code 12950.1, take a few minutes to reflect what you would like to accomplish. For some firms, checking a completion box is sufficient. However, this may be a prime opportunity to open critical dialogue to influence how your employees interact with each other and reduce potential problems. And there is nothing like sharing live face time to get them talking instead of browsing through the internet or peeking at their email.
Here are a few suggestions to consider for turning this requirement into a win-win:
  1. Make it a fun event. Since these sessions are mandatory, find a way to shift the attendees’ mindset. Hosting a Lunch ‘n’ Learn will instantaneously generate a better mood. Almost everyone enjoys a free meal and the opportunity to hang out with colleagues.
  2. Look for a superb qualified trainer. Participants will not recall everything they hear, but they most certainly will remember how they felt during a learning experience. A facilitator that engages the audience, shares personal stories, and brings relevant examples will have a lasting impact. Stay away from lecturers – this is a perfect topic to be practical and non-judgmental.
  3. Include a variety of real-life case scenarios. Participants need to recognize themselves, thoughts, and potential behaviors in what they are hearing. Customizing your sessions to the audience, industry, and level is key to producing results.
  4. Focus on the desired behaviors. And stay away from scare tactics!Over the years, I have seen trainers share horror stories in classes I have audited. These may momentarily seem interesting, but they won’t do much to create a positive work environment nor to impact how people act. Ensure that your trainer understands your company values and supported behaviors.

I invite you to think about these guidelines to provide a learning experience that goes beyond covering standard material. After all, the goal of this requirement is prevention and creating a respectful workplace for everyone involved.

Article written by Eugenia Lunden, Founder & CEO, Lunden International LLC, a premier firm that creates innovative training solutions to promote the growth and retention of talented professionals.