Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends,

February emerges as a unique tapestry woven with the threads of human connections, cultural legacies, and pivotal historical milestones. It’s a period where the essence of friendships and love envelops us, inviting us to cherish and express our deepest affections and gratitude. The heart of this month beats with the celebration of Valentine’s Day, a poignant reminder to honor the love that surrounds us, in all its forms.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year’s exuberant celebrations, signaling a time of rejuvenation and optimism. The Year of the Dragon, in particular, calls for a reverent acknowledgment of age-old traditions, embodying the dragon’s attributes of might, insight, and fortune. It’s a collective embrace of new beginnings, shared across communities and cultures.

Black History Month

February is dedicated to Black History Month, offering a moment to pause and reflect on the indelible impact of Black individuals in shaping history. This observance is a tribute to the enduring spirit, innovation, and advocacy that have significantly influenced society. It represents an ongoing commitment to foster a world where equality and inclusiveness prevail. See the East Bay Times 60 Black-owned Bay Area businesses in food-based enterprises owned by Black chefs and entrepreneurs.


February at its core, is a celebration of the myriad aspects of the human journey—encompassing love, camaraderie, heritage, and the ceaseless quest for equality. It’s a call to action to reflect, celebrate, and strive towards a collective future enriched by our diverse experiences.

The National Association of Women Business Owners Silicon Valley (NAWBO SV) stands as a pillar for women entrepreneurs across all sectors, advocating for growth, support, and empowerment within local communities and globally. This February, let us unite in this spirit of celebration and support. We invite you to join us at our events and partner initiatives, for it is in coming together that we forge a community of strength and resilience. Together, we are unstoppable.

“No action is too small when it comes to changing the world… I’m inspired every time I meet an entrepreneur who is succeeding against all odds.” —Cyril Ramaphosa

Griselda Quezada-Chavez
NAWBO Silicon Valley President