Summer is almost here! At this time, we would normally be excited about vacationing in Hawaii or taking a trip to explore an exotic destination. Now, with over 60 days of Shelter in Place, all we can hope for is some normalcy in our daily lives and the reopening of our businesses.

At NAWBO Silicon Valley, we hear your concerns and are here to help. Since March 17th, we have pivoted to virtual connections and learning. We are pleased to see many of you take advantage of these free events, and we just want to remind you of these monthly offerings through the end of June:

Thirsty Thursday – 1st Thursday of each month; an opportunity to connect, engage and network

Interactive Webinars – 3rd Tuesday of each month; presentation by experts relevant to your business

Having two events per month – one to engage and connect and the other to extract and learn from are important for all of us currently. Our May 19th event with Jill Wesley was well-received with over 50 RSVPs! She taught us about having SPARK in our presentations.

S = Situation
P = Problem
A = Audience
R = Resolution
K = Knowledge

This will help you drive people to action or tell a powerful story.

Please check out our website at for event updates and look out for the email blasts. You and your guests are welcome to join us!

Our new board installation will take place on Tuesday, July 21st. We planned on combining this with painting and wine tasting at Detati Digital Marketing in Sunnyvale. However, at this time, we are unsure if it will be an onsite event or if we will maintain a virtual platform. As soon as we get further CDC guidance and new order from Governor Newsom, we will decide and keep you informed.

July 1st marks our new fiscal year. Griselda Quezada-Chavez will become our new chapter President, and she and her new board members will plan and create the programs for the rest of the year. Most likely, we will continue to offer these virtual events through Zoom sprinkled with a couple of onsite events (keeping in mind the guidelines we receive from our governor and CDC).

We are together apart, and we so appreciate every one of you. Thank you for being part of our virtual camaraderie of support, resources, and knowledge!

Just remember, “Happy Girls are the Prettiest” per Audrey Hepburn, so stay true to yourself and be that shining beacon in our community!

Warmest regards,
Flordelisa Harris