Dear Members and Friends of NAWBO-SV,

February is over and we are into the second week of March – I am amazed at how time flies – in business and personal arenas. It reminds me to live in the moment and not stress out with things like “what ifs”, “I need to get this one thing done before I call it a day”, or saying to yourself “did I forget anything”. These and other similar words do cause us stress, whether we like to believe it or not. A very dear friend of mine told me “What’s the worst that can happen?” When I ponder this question I can relax. Try it.

We had a great presentation at our meeting last month “Health, Wealth and Well-Being for Women”. Our dynamic duo; Deira Gerritsen, co-founder and Executive Director of Lucina Maternity Foundation and Dr. Jennifer Rozenhart a highly sought-after Silicon Valley wellness educator, were wonderful. They educated us on:

  • How businesses benefit from instituting wellness programs
  • Why, as women business owners, we need to take care of ourselves first
  • Strategies to implement small changes that will have a huge impact for the health and wellness of the people in your ecosystem

I don’t have employees, but I related the last bullet item to my family. It fit.

I would like to invite you to attend the last of our three-part business series this March 10th: “The Leader’s Brain: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Leading Effectively” with Silvia Damiano. Silvia is the founder and CEO of the About My Brain Institute and the author of the book Leadership is Upside Down. See more details at Programs/Events tab on our website.

I wish you all success in all that you do and keep it healthy for wealth and happiness.

Maxine Goulding
NAWBO-SV President