Dear NAWBO Silicon Valley Members & Friends,

As we celebrate World Trade Month, let’s recognize the significant opportunities it presents for members of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). This month is not only a testament to the power of international trade in expanding horizons and economies but also a platform for NAWBO members to explore new markets and diversify their business operations globally. Engaging in international trade can empower our members to leverage their unique strengths, access new customer bases, and increase their competitive edge in a bustling global marketplace. By participating in networking events, seminars, and workshops tailored to global trade, NAWBO members can gain invaluable insights into navigating trade regulations, understanding market-specific nuances, and harnessing global trends. Let’s use this month to embrace the boundless possibilities that international trade can offer, reinforcing our commitment to fostering an environment where women entrepreneurs flourish both at home and abroad.

If you missed last month’s launch of the NAWBO Women Mean Business Webinar Series, which featured a discussion on product-based businesses, be sure to mark your calendar for part two in August. This upcoming session will focus on taking your service-based business global. See other international opportunities with our affiliate partners HERE.

Keeping the momentum of endless opportunities going, have you checked out our Events page lately? It’s packed with a variety of local events and national virtual meetings, offering something for everyone.

Did you know, as a member you receive a variety of tangible benefits and savings of over $5,000 from our Affinity Partners through NAWBO Perks?


.. A movement. More than a membership organization, we raise our voice to honor our founding mothers and continue to impact change for future women business owners.

.. The resource for women in entrepreneurship. Whether it’s access to media, legislators, resources, visibility, or opportunities to give back, NAWBO leverages its strong network of voices and resources to provide women business owners the tools they need to build profitable businesses.

.. A community that unites women business owners to work together to do something powerful. With opportunities to support other women and give back to their communities, NAWBO is a catalyst for women in business to make a significant change in the world.

“You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.” —Shonda Rhimes

Griselda Quezada-Chavez
NAWBO Silicon Valley President