We are off to a renewed fiscal year with our recent achievement of the 5-Star Advocacy Award provided by NAWBO National, due to maintaining and achieving benchmarks that drive our chapter’s success in advocacy!

Our chapter incorporated advocacy awareness and efforts throughout last year’s programs, such as “How to Build and Join Corporate Boards”, and the celebration of HR 5050 and SB 826. Also, we were involved in NAWBO California’s Annual Propel business conference in Sacramento. This year, we plan on building upon our unique ability to engage and educate our members regarding legislation that impacts your business. At this time, we are closely following AB5, which is also known as Dynamex. Businesses must use the “ABC test” to figure out whether a worker is an employee versus an independent contractor.

We had an invigorating and educational event last month with our local Fashion Disrupters’ panel experts: Taylor Jay, Dr. Joan Oloff and Chalisa Prarasri. It was great to have these successful business women share their journey and provide useful tips in reaching your goals and never feeling discouraged.

On September 17th, we look forward to “Women in Politics” where we will hear from Council member Pam Foley, District 9; Madison Nguyen former Vice Mayor of San Jose;  Maya Esparza Council member, District 7; and Cindy Chavez Member of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. You can join the conversation with these influential women to help shape our communities, businesses and lives.

Next month, Perkins Coie law firm will host our event in Palo Alto, and we’ll have a chance to learn about laws that will affect our business in 2020. We have so many more exciting topics up ahead that are sure to keep you engaged with NAWBO and its members, so please look out for future communications.

Although we are very lucky to have a dedicated and hardworking board of volunteers bringing together impactful and worthwhile programs and events, we encourage you to get involved and become a committee member to strengthen our sisterhood. We cannot do this on our own. By joining our leadership team, you become part of the women business owners who help make positive changes on a local, national and global level.

We look forward to our journey in strengthening our NAWBO chapter so we can accomplish great things together!

Warmest regards,
Flordelisa Harris