Employee Appreciation Gift Idea

Submitted by Tracy Gordon Proforma Concepts Unlimited Every year, my client and I come up with ideas for a branded Employee Appreciation gift to distribute throughout their offices. We've done numerous items over the years including logoed blender bottles for shakes, lunch box containers, t-shirts, tumblers, etc. I was wondering what we could do this year, during Covid-19, while so many employees are working remotely. My client and her committee [...]

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Focus on the User Experience, Rather than the Content When Designing Online Courses

Submitted by Kathryn L Fortin Many schools, universities, companies, and organizations are attempting to quickly shift from classroom training to online. They’re trying to adapt their classroom education materials for online learning. But not all of these organizations employ or rely on instructional designers. It’s natural for instructional designers to think about how students process information during online training programs. But not all trainers or instructors consider this important factor. Many [...]

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Preserving The Arts For Future Generations

Submitted by Katherine Winkelman Italian ceramic pottery is referred to as Maiolica because painted pottery to arrive in Italy during Roman times came from Spain through the island of Mallorca before the 15th century. Down the road from Rome boasting the finest terracotta in the land was a small village, Deruta, in the province of Umbria not far from Perugia a bustling Roman city. Since the mid 1400’s pottery has [...]

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Beyond California: Notice at Collection Requirements for Businesses Across the United States

Submitted by Sari Ratican, Marina Gatto & Saroop Sandhu In response to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), many businesses have recently had to implement additional consumer-facing disclosures to meet the requirement that covered businesses provide notice to consumers “at or before the point of collection” of personal information, as to the categories of information to be collected and the purposes for which it will be used. Cal. Civ. Code [...]

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Facts and Tips to Prepare for Coronavirus Spread as WBOs

As women business owners, we prepare for everything—sales, capital, competition, hiring, retiring and more. Still, unexpected things come up, and that’s why NAWBO is here to best support you. With Coronavirus, or COVID-19, top of mind for all Americans with it officially detected in the U.S. in a few imported cases, we wanted to help you prepare both personally and professionally in case we face wider spread in the days [...]

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Planning an Event: A Bird’s-Eye View

by: Maxine Goulding, California Special Occasions Any event you host or endorse is a direct reflection of your business or company. Before you start planning an event and sending out invitations, you need to know a few things about the meeting industry in general. What exactly is the effort needed and guidelines surrounding the production of a successful event? Why hold an event? What is your objective? To build brand [...]

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eNewsletters: Are They Still Worth it?

by Roberta Kiphuth, Detati Digital Marketing Is newsletter marketing is worth the time and effort? Do people even read them anymore? The answer is YES!...but...they need to provide value.An e-newsletter can be a great tool for building trust and expertise. But make them educational, funny, interesting, and not sales-y. Build Your List Ensure that you only send to contacts who have proactively requested (signed up for) the newsletter. Not only [...]

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Opening Dialogue Through Compliance Training

Before investing on the latest on-demand training to comply with Gov. Code 12950.1, take a few minutes to reflect what you would like to accomplish. For some firms, checking a completion box is sufficient. However, this may be a prime opportunity to open critical dialogue to influence how your employees interact with each other and reduce potential problems. And there is nothing like sharing live face time to get them [...]

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Reach Your Audience Beyond Translating  Your Training Sessions

Professional development is known to be one of the top markers for employee retention. When bringing a superb program to your diverse workforce, how can you ensure that the learning goes beyond the classroom? Oftentimes attendees will nod in agreement, mainly out of being polite to the enthusiastic presenter. But if your learners come from varied backgrounds - diverse countries, races, ethnicity - they may not be getting the knowledge [...]

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Two NAWBO-SV Women Included in Top 100 Women of Influence

Randi Ross co-founded holding company Lucross Holdings in 2017 with the theory of using diversification for financial security. It's a strategy that comes from a very personal place. Having immigrated to the United States from Saigon as a 6-year-old, Ross withstood the childhood trauma of witnessing a father who was abusive to a mother who refused to leave the marriage. "I have been very determined to ensure that I am independent and [...]

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